How do I temporarily exclude a debtor from reminders?

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Within Exact Globe Next, you have the option to print a reminder for debtors that have not yet paid the outstanding amount. However, it may sometimes be useful to make an exception for a certain debtor. For instance, when an agreement with the debtor has been made.

Excluding without reason
In order to not print any reminders for a certain debtor, you can uncheck the option ‘Send reminders’ in the debtor maintenance via the menu [Finance, Accounts Receivable, Maintain]. Unchecking this option makes it so the debtor will not receive any reminders, but you cannot view the reason.

Excluding with reason
If you do want insight into the reason or if you want to exclude a debtor temporarily or just once, there is an alternative to exclude certain debtors automatically while printing reminders. In that case, you can include a scenario for reminders in the maintenance of the debtor. By default, this scenario is set to ‘Normal’, but there are also the options ‘Payment agreement’, ‘Complaints’ and ‘Transferred’. While printing the payment reminders, in advanced mode, you can consciously choose via a filter on scenario to include or not include debtors with a deviating scenario.


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