How do I change the type of a SDD mandate?

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With SEPA Direct debit, you can immediately transfer claims from the bank account of your debtor, provided you have permission of the debtor to do so.

If you are working with SDD, you should define the information of the SDD mandate for the debtors that you want to collect from. In the maintenance of the debtors, for which the currency code ‘EUR’ is selected, you have the option ‘SDD mandates’ on the tab ‘Financial’. By using the icon behind ‘SDD mandates’, you can maintain the information of the SDD mandate.

Changing the type of SDD mandate

Under ‘Type’, you can indicate which type of the SDD scheme will be used for creating a SEPA collection file: Core or B2B. In case you have indicated the wrong type by accident and you have already saved the settings, you can do the following to change the type for collection authorisation:

  • Open the screen for ‘SDD mandates’
  • Click the red cross behind ‘Bank account’
  • Select the cash instrument again by using the search screen
  • You can then select the type for the SDD mandate


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