Adding an attachment for an item

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On the monitor of an item card in Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can find a link to possible attachments of items. It is, however, not directly possible to add an attachment to any item; certain conditions will need to be met first.

Attachments of an item in Exact Synergy Enterprise are always linked to releases of an item and so there will need to be releases for the item. Releases of items can be created and maintained via the assortment to which the item has been linked. The assortments can be approached via the menu [Logistics, Setup, General, Assortments]. Here, you can select the relevant assortment and choose ‘Releases’ in the monitor of the assortments. With the button ‘New’, you can create a new release and immediately indicate which users have the rights to control attachments for the release.

After the release has been created, the attachments on the item card will also have the option per release to upload an attachment for the item. This can be seen in the image below.


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