How do I work with tags in documents?

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In Exact Synergy Enterprise, tags can be used as keywords to organise and group documents. Exact Synergy Enterprise knows both Corporate tags and personal tags. Corporate tags are available for the entire company and can be set, personal tags only apply to each user.

Per document type (setup)
The corporate tags can be set per document type via the menu [Documents, Setup, Maintenance, Document: types]. Under the tab ‘More properties’, corporate tags can be activated by checking the option ‘tags’ for a document type. Then, the corporate tags can be defined, which can be linked to the relevant document type by entering this in the field ‘Add’.

The corporate tags can be deleted from this document type as well by clicking the red X next to the tags. This option is only available if the tags are not yet linked to a document within this type. If this is the case, the tags should be unlinked from the documents first, after which you can delete the tags from the document type.

Per document
In a document, the tags can be added or deleted in the section ‘tags’ at the bottom of the document. In the left field are the corporate tags; next to it is a field for personal tags and a field for popular tags. All the way to the right is a field with linked tags. Personal tags can also be defined here by means of the field ‘my tags’.

The tags in the left fields can be assigned to the document by clicking on it. The tags thus move to the right field ‘Tags to use’. By clicking the tags again in the right field, the tags will be replaced to the left field. It is also possible to add or delete all tags from a certain field with the plus and minus icons on the right above every field.

Searching a document on the basis of tags
This blog post describes how to search for documents on the basis of the entered tags.


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