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From product update 406, Exact offers SSCC Shipment Builder as functionality independent from E-WMS. This allows you to generate and print SSCC shipping labels for your sales orders, and include these SSCC numbers in the Exact EDI delivery note message. This new functionality is available in Exact Globe Next menu [Order, Entry, SSCC Shipment Builder].

When using Exact E-WMS (with hand terminals) to pick your sales orders, E-WMS already offers standard functionality to link SSCC numbers to your picked items. Also for scenarios where you do not want to use hand terminals for order picking, E-WMS already offers Autopack and Shipment Builder functionality. Autopack bypasses the actual picking process and assumes that there’s enough stock available on the item main location. The ordered quantity is then automatically divided into a shipment structure of pallets and boxes, assigning unique SSCC numbers to each box and pallet. This generated shipment structure can be viewed and edited in the Shipment Builder screen, where also the label printing can be started.

Also without E-WMS
This E-WMS based functionality is now available to you, when you are not using E-WMS, by adding the new module SE1387 ‘SSCC Shipment Builder’ to your license (free of charge).

SSCC Shipment Builder offers following functionality:

  • shipment generation: divide your sales order quantities automatically into quantities per pallet and box, based on your preconfigured packing units per item
  • generate SSCC numbers and print SSCC shipping labels (using BarTender integration) based on the generated shipment
  • link these generated SSCC numbers automatically to your order line history
  • include the generated SSCC pallet numbers in your EDI delivery note message (requires E-EDI Delivery Note SE5332)

Following Exact Globe Next menu’s or functions will be available after you updated your database with SSCC Shipment Builder in your license:

  • [Order, Entry, SSCC Shipment Builder] Starts the control center to start Autopack and Shipment builder for your sales orders
  • [System, General, Settings, WMS General] To configure if you want to apply stock validations and on what level
  • [System, General, Settings, WMS Sales order fulfillment] To configure how you want to work in the control center of Shipment Builder
  • [System, General, Settings, WMS SSCC] To configure the parameters for the generated SSCC numbers
  • [System, E-WMS, Labels] Allows you to configure and link existing labels for Shipment Builder
  • [System, E-WMS, SKU types] Allows you to configure standard packing types such as pallets and boxes
  • [System, E-WMS, SKU types] Allows you to link items to a SKU type
  • [Order, Items, Maintain: WMS button] A ‘WMS’ button is added to the item maintenance screen so you can configure items as ‘Autopack’ item

Some points of interest:

  • After adding SSCC Shipment Builder to your license and opening your database, a database update will be performed requiring exclusive access to the database. This update could take some time depending on your database size and server hardware. Please plan this license update carefully and when in doubt, first perform the update in a (equally sized) test database.
  • You will still see some E-WMS based terms and settings, because the functionality is based on E-WMS technology.
  • To design and print the SSCC labels you need BarTender (‘Automation’ edition or higher) from Seagull Scientific Software. BarTender is not an Exact product, and labels have to be created based on your specific needs. This may require consultancy. Sample BarTender labels can be obtained from this document.
  • Unfortunately it is currently not possible to include these SSCC numbers on the Exact Globe Next delivery note layout. Instead, the Shipment Builder ‘processing report’ could be changed to act as ‘SSCC attachment’.
  • You can only apply for a SSCC Shipment Builder license when your license does not already contain an E-WMS license (like SE5700, SE1380, SE1386), since all these licenses already provide Autopack and Shipment Builder functionality.

A license for the new SSCC Shipment Builder module can be obtained from Exact, free or charge.
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