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A won sales opportunity might get retracted or contain old information. Did you know it was possible to reopen a won sales opportunity and enter some changes?

How do I reopen a won sales opportunity?

On the sales opportunity card, the button Reopen is available. See image below. The card of the sales opportunity can be accessed via the left menu or the menu Customers\reports\Opportunity management\Search.

What happens after reopening?

If a won sales opportunity is reopened:

  • The status will be changed to Undecided
  • The last request in the sales cycle will be rejected.

Who can reopen a sales opportunity?
You should have function right 742 – Allow to reopen a won opportunity. This function right will make sure you can see the Reopen button on a sales opportunity card. Furthermore, you should be the owner of the sales opportunity and the employee (or manager of the employee) that is responsible for the last request in the sales cycle. This will ensure you can reject the request.



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