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If you want to create a layout, the most important thing to know is whether you want to create this in Portrait or Landscape. While creating a layout via the menu [System, General, Settings, Document settings], the settings in the menu [File, Form printer] will determine whether you can create a layout with the Portrait or Landscape settings.

For example, the Order form / Order layout in the Form Printer is set to Portrait by default. In this case, the ‘print frame’ or ‘page screen’ with grey lines will be shown in portrait position while maintaining the layout via [System, General, Settings, Document settings]. If you switch the settings in the form printer to ‘Landscape’, the layout will be shown in Landscape mode. You can then start organising the database fields on the layout within the ‘print’ frame.

In order to eventually print this the right way, two conditions apply:

  • In the layout, you should make sure the fields are within the Landscape frame in the settings.
  • Via the menu [File, Form printer, Settings], you need to change the settings to make sure the layout is printed in Landscape mode.

NB: Considering that the Form printer settings apply to each user, every user should set this up individually in the form printer settings. If the layout ‘Landscape’ was used, but the form printer settings are still set to ‘Portrait’ for employee X, then the print will not be correct.


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