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By working with Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have one central place where all relevant information is available. However, there are various ways in which you can search for information. This allows you to determine which way you can find the correct information the fastest.

Via the search menu on the left side of the screen, there are three ways to find information:

  1. List with all information
  2. Result on basis of entry
  3. Advanced search

List with all information
If you want to see a list with all search results, place the cursor in the search field of the entity (for instance, people) in which you would like to search. Click the spacebar and select Enter. This function is especially useful when the list with search results is not too long.

Result on the basis of entry
When you wish to make a specific search, you fill in a search word in the field of the entity and select Enter or the arrow next to the field. A list will appear with results that contain the search word. For example, if you’re looking for ‘Nico’ in the people field and there are two employees named Nico, they will be shown. To make searching here a little easier, you can choose to show suggestions while entering. You can turn this on (or off) by going to the link Preferences, clicking Corporate (settings) and marking the field Show suggestion under the section Browser.

Advanced search
By clicking the name of the entity (in this case, People), you can open the advanced search screen. In this screen, you can add or delete search fields and result columns. You can do this by clicking the pictogram  aanpassen Customise. This way, you can show a list with search results with the information that applies to you. For instance, a list with employees that also includes the birthdays.

Within the advanced search, you can also work with templates. How to use them is explained in this blog post.




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