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In our blog post ‘Not enough room for all information?’, you were able to read about using free fields. In this blog post, we will explain a bit further how to configure the free fields. By configuring the fields, you can make sure a user can choose from a limited amount of pre-defined values. This decreases the chance of a faulty entry.

Via the menu [System, General, Free fields], you can access the maintenance of the free fields. By using the button ‘Configuration’, you have the option to state standard and pre-defined values for the free fields of, for instance, projects and accounts. With the standard values, while creating new projects, accounts (debtors and creditors), employees, types of currency, items, assets, journals, general ledger accounts, structures, contact persons and warehouse locations, you can (depending on your licence) have a free field filled in in advance with this value. With pre-defined values, you’ll create a list with possible values that can be selected for a free field.

Define values
With the button Configuration, you can indicate the pre-defined values. The pre-defined values are the values you can choose from for the free field. If you have already indicated pre-defined fields for this free field, this will be shown by means of a check. If you have not yet stated any pre-defined values, the button will be empty.

You can add or edit the pre-defined values by clicking this button. A new screen will open. In the screen below, the values have been defined for the field ‘Type of subscription’ on the account card.

In this screen, you can state up to 100 pre-defined values for the free field. After you have filled in the values, click Save. The values that you fill in here can be selected in the maintenance of the accounts by using the magnifying glass icon. See image below.

While filling in a free field, you can deviate from the pre-defined value. This means you do not necessarily have to use one of the pre-defined values. If you use a value that differs from the pre-defined values, this will not be created as a pre-defined value.


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