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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are no longer strangers to companies. By now, more and more people are using social networks and it is often useful to know via which means you can communicate with your contact persons. But do you know how to register this within Exact Synergy Enterprise?

In Exact Synergy Enterprise, an account card shows a reference to the LinkedIn page of the relevant company by default. This reference is on company level; the link refers to the company page on LinkedIn. It is however also possible to include various references to social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and others on the level of a contact person. Considering that these references take place on personal level, the links can also be set for the page of a contact person.

External references
In order to install these settings, you should first activate the “External references” section on the contact person card. You can do this via the button ‘Customise’   on the contact person card. Check the field for External references and save the changes.

You can now include the links to the various external websites on the contact person card under the “External References” section. By using the button ‘Add’, you can add new rules to this section. Per rule, you can select the type of link (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, etc.) and then fill in the relevant user name. This link will then appear as link on the contact person card. See the image below for an example.

Should you wish you to adjust an existing link, click the pictogram of the relevant link in the column ‘Type’.


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