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If you want to plan a meeting, it might be useful to know whether the conference room is actually available for the day and time that suits you. The process regarding the planning of, for instance, a conference room or pool car can be arranged with Exact Synergy Enterprise.

This blog post will explain this process on the basis of an example for reserving a conference room. In this example, we have five conference rooms that can be reserved by employees of a company.


1. Create assortment

To start out, you need to create an assortment (for example, the assortment ‘Reservations’). You can do this via the menu [Logistics, Setup, General, Assortments] and by clicking the button ‘New’. Fill in the required information (code, description) and select ‘Save’.

2. Create item

Create a new item (e.g. ‘Conference room’) via the menu [Logistics, Entry, General, Items] or via the left menu. Fill in the code and description and link the item to the assortment that you created in the previous step. Make sure the attribute ‘Serial numbers’ has been checked for the item.

3. Creating serial numbers

Open the recently created item. Click the link Serial numbers in the section Attributes. By clicking the button ‘New’, you can now create various serial numbers for this article. If you have multiple conference rooms, you can create a serial number for any room, if necessary. In this example, there are five rooms named after various cities.

4. Create request type

Create a new request type via the menu [Workflow, Setup, Requests, Request types]. This request type will be used for the registration of the reservation. The request type should meet certain conditions:

  • Fill in the maximum number of rows in the field multiple rows. This is the maximum number of people that can fit in the largest conference room.
  • The fields ‘Start date’, ‘End date’, ‘Start time’, End time, Item 1, Serial number 1 and person* should be present in the request.
  • Check the fields ‘Person*’ and ‘Item’ on the tab ‘Actions’ under the section Planning.

It is possible to link the item that you created under point two in this request by default. You can do this by going to the tab ‘Fields’ and then selecting the field ‘Item 1’. You can now link the item in the field ‘Default’.

*If you have selected the field ‘person’ in the planning section of the request type, the meeting will also be visible in the planning of every employee involved in this meeting.


After you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you can use the functionality. You can now create a request in various ways:

  • Via the left menu [Create, Request]
  • Via the planning of the item. You can do this by opening the items via [Search, Items]. Click the link serial numbers and then choose how the planning needs to be organised (day, week or month).

The image below will provide you with an example of the daily planning. Via this screen, you can easily select and plan a conference room.


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