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You may want to create an invoice including the mention of a ‘free’ product. Normally, nothing would be entered in the amount column in those cases (no zero either). In order to prevent lack of clarity, you could choose to show a zero on the sales invoice.

Adjust layout
It is possible to print an amount of 0,0 on the invoice by using the following settings:

  • In Exact Globe Next, go to the menu [System, General, Settings].
  • Click the heading ‘Document settings’ and select the magnifying glass icon behind the invoice layout.
  • Select the relevant invoice layout that is used for sending a sales invoice.
  • Click the edit button, so the relevant layout will be shown.
  • If you click the amount column in the invoice layout (double click), the following screen appears.

Just like in the image above, the option “Leave out if blank” will be selected (red outline).
If this option is turned off (by unchecking the box), a zero amount will actually be shown on the invoice.


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