Tip: Working with collective payments

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While entering your bank statements, you might receive amounts that relate to multiple invoices. Via colelctive payments, you can indicate in a screen which part of the received amount you would like to match to which invoice. You could also immediately indicate which items you would like to write off or keep open.

To use the collective payments, you need to uncheck the option ‘Deduction management’ in the bank settings. You can check whether this setting is active via the menu [System, General, Settings, Bank settings].

Let’s say there are three outstanding items of 100,- each and you receive a payment of 150,-. Of this receipt, you would like to write off 50 euros for each outstanding item. While entering the bank entry, from the screen where you can select the outstanding items, you select the three invoices. Using the button ‘Collective payment’, you then open the screen of the collective payments.

This screen shows the three invoices among which you can distribute the received amount of 150 euros. For each outstanding item, you enter an amount of 50,- under ‘Paid’. Leave the write off code on ‘Balance’, because you wish to leave the remaining amount open. Using the button ‘Process’, 50 euros will be written off from each invoice.


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