Tip: Register IBAN and BIC code within Exact Synergy Enterprise

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On 1 February 2014, the Netherlands will switch to IBAN / SEPA. Did you know you can already register the IBAN and BIC code within Exact Synergy Enterprise?

Account card
Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, the fields IBAN and BIC are available to you. Using these fields, you have the possibility to save the IBAN and BIC code information of accounts and employees via the card. The fields IBAN and BIC code are available under the Financial section of the account card.

By default, these are not yet shown. To show them, click  Customise and you can select the fields as shown in the image below. After you select Save, the fields will be visible on the card.

Employee card
The IBAN and BIC code fields will also be shown on the employee card. You can show these fields by selecting Bank accounts and then New via the monitor of the employee card. The screen below will appear. You will find the fields under the Details section.

NB: above-mentioned functionality is only available from product update 249.

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