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Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can work with version management for documents. This means that you can create multiple versions of a document and that you can determine which version is active at which time. This might come in useful if you would, for example, like to promote a certain action at a specific time or when a new product will become available soon and you would like to make the text in advance.

But how does it work if an employee already has the documents listed in his favourites?

Adding a document to favourites
If you would like to add a document to your favourites, you can see from the title of the document whether there are any version numbers. See the image below.

This version number is transferred into the hyperlink of your favourites. Because of this, you will always open the saved version instead of the most recent ones if you access it from your favourites. To make sure that you’re always viewing the most recent version, you can edit the hyperlink as you save the favourite. In the hyperlink, delete the version number before you save it. The version number is listed on the bottom in most cases.

In the image shown above, you can see that the version number is 1; to make sure no version is included in the hyperlink, in this example, you should delete &VersionNumber=1 and then choose OK.

If you open the document from your favourites now, it will always show the version that is active at that time.


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