Are there any outstanding invoices?

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A balance list shows at first glance the outstanding balance per debtor, creditor and/or employee, after which you can quickly take the necessary actions. For instance, you could collect outstanding items or pay using the balance list. The total balance of the list of balances will always need to match to the general ledger accounts debtors/creditors if the reference date is today.

Did they pay on time?
It is often important to know whether your debtors pay on time; the balance list now has the option of making a report about it. In Exact Globe Next, you can do this as follows:

  • Go to the menu [Finance, Accounts receivable, Balance list].
  • Select the option ‘Invoice list’ on the top in the selection screen.
  • If you wish to view one account, enter the account on the bottom of the screen. If you don’t, the invoice list will be created for all debtors.
  • Click Show.
  • In the overview that appears, right-click a random column name and select ‘Define columns’.
  • Add the following two columns: ‘Receipt/Paid’ and ‘Days’.

Under the column ‘Days’, you can view after how many days the payment of the debtor has been entered in Exact Globe Next. In the column ‘Receipt/Paid’, you can check whether the outstanding invoice has also already been matched with received payments of the relevant debtor.

If necessary, you could also choose to export the overview to Microsoft Excel by using the ‘Export button. You can then easily calculate the averages.


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