When would you like to pay?

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While entering for instance a purchase invoice, an outstanding item is created with the creditor. The due date of the invoice depends on the payment condition you used in the purchase entry. Besides the due date, the payment date is also registered. On the basis of this payment date, you can make a selection of the outstanding items to pay them to your creditors. This way, you can make sure you have paid the invoices before the due date.

By default, the payment date is always 2 days before the due date. In Exact Globe Next, you have the option to change this. For example, if you would like the payment date to be 3 days before the due date, you can change this in the Bank settings in the section ‘Payment date calculations (days from due date)’. These can be found via the menu [System, General, Settings, Bank settings].

Depending on your licence, you can set this for Collection terms, Payroll terms and other terms.


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