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It’s not rare for contact persons within companies to change position or even to stop working for the company you’re doing business with. Because of this, you might have to deal with new contact persons regularly. Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you now have the option to directly make a new contact person from the left menu.

Adding the field
You can add the field Contact persons via the link preferences that can be found on the top right of the screen. Furthermore, you can also approach the same screen via the menu [System, Setup, Settings – General, Preferences]. In this screen, select the Menu tab. In the section Left – My work, create & Search, select Contact persons and click the arrow in the middle to make the function Contact persons visible (move to right). Finally, click Save to save the changes you made.


My contacts
If you look at your contact persons in the left menu via My work > My contacts, the Contacts screen will be opened. Here, a standard summary will appear of the contact persons sorted by account type. Click Active or Inactive to view or manage the relevant contact person.

Search contacts
Via the left menu, you have the option to search for a contact person directly. In the menu Search > Contacts, you can enter a name (based on the full name) and click the arrow to view the contact person. While entering the name, suggestions will be shown that you can click on to find the correct contact person directly. Furthermore, you can also click the link contact persons to open the Accounts: Search – Contact persons search screen.

Besides this option, it is also possible search for contact persons via the menu [Customers, Reports, Contacts, Search] or via the menu [Customers, Reports, General, Contacts].

Creating contact person
You can create a contact person via Create > Contacts in the left menu. After you clicked this option, the Account screen will appear; here you will select the related accounts after which you can enter the information of the contact person.

NB: this functionality is available from product update 250.


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