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Price lists are general prices, related to the amount that was sold. They apply in general, so to all debtors within the company. Price agreements, on the other hand, are prices that apply to one particular debtor. Of course, you could create a new price agreement for every debtor, but did you know it’s also possible to copy a price agreement? This blog post will show you a few useful tricks on working with price agreements.

How do I create a price agreement?
Before we can copy a price agreement, we need to create one first. You can create a price agreement by going to the menu [Invoice, Price management, Price agreements]. Here, you can create a price agreement per debtor.

How do I copy a price agreement?
If you open an existing price agreement, you’ll notice the ‘Copy price agreement’ icon on the top left. By using this icon, you can copy the price agreement lines of the selected price list to other debtors. If you copy the price agreement lines, a new screen will open in which you can make a selection of the debtors to which you would like to copy the price agreement lines.

How can a standard sales price changed via configuration also be implemented in price lists and price agreements?
If the sales price of an item is changed on the ‘Basic’ tab in the item maintenance, this change will also be implemented in all price lists and price agreements for which the sales price was equal to the standard sales price.

However, if the change in sales price takes place via the menu [Order/Invoice, Price management, Configuration], this will not be implemented automatically for all underlying price lists and price agreements. To update them too, follow the steps below:

  • Open menu [Order/Invoice, Price management, Configuration]
  • Check the options price lists and price agreements
  • Select ‘All’ under price list
  • Indicate (if so desired) an item (group) selection
  • Select Update and check the option ‘Sales price’
  • Select as New sales price the standard sales price + 0%
  • Select OK to implement the change immediately or ‘Preview’ to view a preview of the overview of new prices




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