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On your homepage within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can place various widgets that will help you obtain relevant information quickly. Did you already notice that it’s also possible to make several dashboards within your homepage? Next to the homepage button, you will find an arrow that you can use to open a new menu. In here, the dashboards you created will appear. Via this menu, you can easily switch between various dashboards.

Working with dashboards

NB: this functionality is available from product update 249. Before you can start working with various dashboards, you should save the following settings via the Preferences page:

  • Select the field Show: Dashboards in the section Menu: Layout of tab General.

  • Via the Corporate (settings), administrators can also select the field Show: Dashboards to ensure it is activated for all users. If the option Mandatory is selected too, users cannot turn it off.
  • Select Dashboards under the Menu tab in the sections Toolbar and Links – my work.

Creating, editing or deleting a dashboard
You can create multiple dashboards by clicking the arrows beside Homepage and then selecting Add Dashboard. In the preview below, you can see that this user has created two dashboards (Sales and CRM).

You can edit any dashboard by clicking the  Customise button. This pictogram can be found on the top right of the screen. If you click this, it is possible to add any widget or delete the entire dashboard.

Defining a dashboard as homepage
While creating a dashboard, you can highlight the field ‘Use as default’ to make sure this dashboard is used as homepage. If you would like to define a dashboard as default at a later stage, you can do so by clicking   Customise and then Edit.

Adding, editing or deleting widgets
You can add or delete widgets on any dashboard. You can do so by clicking   Customise. All widgets that you can use on the homepage can be used on any dashboard. Once you click Customise, buttons will appear with various zones. Using this, you can add, edit or delete widgets. It is also possible to drag a widget to another position by clicking the mouse and dragging it. You can then move the mouse to the zone where the widget should be.




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