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If an employee receives another position or, for instance, leaves the company, it may be necessary to transfer certain information linked to the employee to another employee.

The information you can transfer is for instance linked accounts, contact persons, items for which one was responsible, requests and documents. This linked information can be transferred within Exact Synergy Enterprise in one single action from one employee to another.

Transferring information
Transferring this linked information occurs via the function HRM Transfer – Management. This can be found via the menu [HRM, Setup, Miscellaneous, Transfer] and in order to perform these actions, you should at least have the role of HR or HR assistant.

In the screen of HRM Transfer – Management, you can then select the relevant employees in the fields ‘From’ and ‘To’ and then select the relevant information that will need to be transferred. If you uncheck “All” behind the information, it is also possible to select only that information of a certain type that you really want to transfer by using the magnifying glass. If “All” is checked, then all the linked information of that type is actually transferred from one employee to another.

Once everything has been correctly set up, you can select the option “Process” and all selected information will be transferred from one employee to another.


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