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If you’re printing invoices via the menu [Invoice, Entries, Print/Process], it is possible to make a selection of the invoices to be printed. For instance, you could choose the selection method ‘Invoice’, ‘Sales order’ or ‘Debtor’. Depending on the selection method, you can then make a selection of various selection criteria. Eventually, the number of invoices to be printed will be shown, which you can then print.

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It may be so that in this group of invoices, a certain number of invoices are present that you do not (yet) wish to print, but that you cannot filter out by using the selection criteria. By using the option ‘Selectively’, an overview will appear of the invoices that meet the earlier stated criteria. Here, you will be able to select and then print the desired invoices. Furthermore, in this overview, you can sort the invoices by double-clicking the column head you wish to sort. This way, you could for example sort this overview by postcode, so the invoices will be printed in the order of postcodes.

By right-clicking the column head (dark blue line), you can also add or delete a column. Also, by holding the CTRL key on the keyboard, you can select invoices that are not directly listed below each other.

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