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While printing a page from Exact Synergy Enterprise via Internet Explorer, a highlighted part or image may not be available for printing. For instance, upon printing a graph with coloured bars, the graph is empty after printing; the coloured bars were not included. This article will explain a few settings to make sure the document is printed correctly.

Settings within Internet Explorer 9
Not printing colours, highlights and images from Exact Synergy Enterprise is caused by a setting within Internet Explorer. To change these, please follow the steps below:

  • Click Extra
  • Go to Print
  • Click Page Setup

The screen below will appear. The setting ‘Print background colors and images’ has not been selected. If this is selected, Internet Explorer will print the colours, highlights and images correctly.

The screen above also shows the section Header and footers. By default, the footer often has URL filled in. This makes it so the URL appears on the bottom of the page. Should you not want this, you can select ‘Empty’. This also applies to the heading; this often shows the title of the document by default. You can also change this to ‘Empty’ so it will not be shown.


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