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By using menu rights, you can indicate which users can approach which menu. In a lot of cases, you may want to define these rights more specifically. Think for instance of maintaining the journals. If you give a user rights to the menu for maintaining the journals, this user can maintain all journals. But did you know it was also possible to indicate for each journal who can edit and maintain it?

You can indicate for each journal that users can edit this journal and the information linked to this journal. Users that have rights to the menu can only view the information of these journals (and the information attached to it), unless they have ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights to the journal. This way, you have more control over which users can create, edit, delete, and process a journal and entries in this journal.

Rights per journal
While maintaining a journal (menu [System, Finance, Journals]), you will see the tab ‘Rights’. On the ‘Rights’ tab, you can indicate which users have which rights to the journal. On the top of the screen, you can search for the employees by using the search fields. You can search for status, the number, the cost centre and the full name of the employee. You can then indicate which employees are allowed ‘Read only’ or ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights.

Users with ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights to the journal are allowed to edit the information of the journal. The same applies to entering, generating, editing, voiding, deleting and processing entries that are related to this journal. To void terms that are related to the journal, the user should possess the ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights for the journal.

Defining the rights for the purchase journal.

Processing invoices
While processing sales invoices, a transation is created in a sales journal. In order to process a sales invoice, the user should posses the ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights for this journal. If, while processing sales invoices, multiple sales invoices are selected that are related to various journals, then the invoices for journals to which the user does not have ‘Edit/Maintain’ rights will not be processed. While processing them, the tab ‘Progress’ will show a notification.

Product update 404
NB: from product update 404, it is possible to define these rights for purchase and sales journals. In previous releases, it was already possible to indicate for each bank, cash and giro account journals which users were allowed to maintain said journals.


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