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Would you like to know when a certain term has been matched? Or would you perhaps like to know who matched specific terms? All of this can be found within Exact Globe Next.

On the debtor and creditor cards, you can indicate by using the option ‘Show: Matched & Unmatched’ that you wish to show the terms that have already been matched. This option is only available if you have selected the option ‘Receivables’ or ‘Payables’ under ‘Display’.

Adding columns
In order to offer more insight into who has matched the items and when this took place, the columns ‘Matched: By’ and ‘Matched: Date’ are available. The columns are not shown by default and can be added by you. The columns can only be added if you have checked the option ‘Show: Matched & Unmatched’ and if you have selected ‘None’ or ‘Match ID’ under ‘Group by’. You can then add the columns in the following manner:

  1. Right-click in the row with column names.
  2. Select ‘Define columns’.
  3. Select the column on the left and use the button in the middle to make the column visible.

The image below will show you an example of the columns on the debtor card.

Once you have added the columns to the screen and you export the debtor/creditor card to Microsoft Excel, these columns will be exported too.

NB: above-mentioned only applies if you’re working with Product Update 403 or higher.


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