Tip: Making a credit invoice quickly

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Credit invoices are used to undo a sent invoice. When goods have been returned, for instance, because they were damaged, and they cannot be repaired or replaced, or if a customer has received an invoice that was too high or incorrect, you should send a credit invoice.

Credit invoice based on the sales invoice

In case you have created a sales entry in the menu [Finance, Entries, Sales] and would like to credit it, you do not need to complete the entire entry again. In the menu [Finance, Entries, Sales], you can click “New” and state the date and debtor in the new entry. You can then click the button F5 or F2 in the header at the field “Our ref.” and the screen “Enter credit invoice” will appear.

In this screen, you will be able to select the entry and the credit entry will be created automatically.


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