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Various actions in Exact Globe Next ask for confirmation. Often, you have the option to state with the confirmation to not show the notification next time. But how can this be undone?

Confirm the settings once

For instance, while processing payments, the question appears whether you would like to have detailed information, customer code and your ref in the file you want to export (see image below).

By checking the option ‘Don’t ask again’, this notification will not appear anymore and the same settings as you just filled in will be used automatically. In this case, confirmation will no longer be asked for this action. In other menus, for other actions, the question will still appear unless you also check the option ‘Don’t ask again’.

For all notifications

To turn off this notification in one go for all menus/actions, you can check the option ‘Don’t ask again’ via [System, General, User settings] under the tab ‘General’. The notification will then no longer appear anywhere.

Should you want all notifications in all menus to appear again, you can realise this by clicking the ‘Reset’ button. The notification will then appear again in every menu.


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