Recode multiple data in one go

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The blog post ‘another number for a debtor’ explained how you can recode data. This at the maintenance of master data occurs one at a time, which could make recoding a time-consuming task. Should you want to recode multiple master data, it is possible to perform the recoding in a batch. Here, you can recode several data at once by selecting them in advance. This functionality can be found under [System, General, Recode]. The advantage is that you can now recode various data in one application, which makes the recoding less time-consuming.

Batch recoding
Recoding can be done by selecting a topic. Then, you select the information you wish to edit in the field code. Click ‘recode’ to fill in a new number. After you click OK, a line will appear with the recode action that should take place (see also the image below). You can, if necessary, still edit or delete this line.

If you have added the data that needed to be changed, click ‘Process’. After everything has been processed, a report will appear that you can print, if so desired.

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