Tip: Automatically creating an entry line for an outstanding item

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If a debtor pays more than one outstanding invoice in one amount, then in case of a handmade entry the bank journal will show one amount upon matching the invoices. Furthermore, the field ‘our ref.’ will remain empty.

It is also possible to create an entry line automatically per outstanding item. For a large number of invoices, this is quite a lot of work, but there is also a way to let the system take care of this automatically. Please note that this manner only works if no partial payments have been included in the amount.

The steps

  • Make sure you have created an empty line in the bank journal.

  • Fill in the account and the amount.
  • Click Match.
  • Select the posts until the total amount has been reached and then click the button ‘Select’ (so don’t click match/process).
  • Exact Globe Next will now fill in a line per invoice, which makes the invoice numbers (‘our ref.’) visible again in the bank entry.

Advantage: This way, you can always view the individually paid invoices in the bank entry, without having to enter the lines one by one.


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