Tip: An overview of the assigned roles

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Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can indicate which rights users have by using roles. This way, you can determine exactly which processes they can perform. But who has what role?

Sometimes, it might be useful to receive an overview of all the employees who are linked to a certain role, for instance, to check which employees have rights for a certain functionality or if the maximum amount of users with a certain role has been exceeded.

For this, go to the menu in Exact Synergy Enterprise [System, Setup, Security, Roles]. Every role will have the option ‘members’ on the right. The number that is shown here is the amount of employees in Exact Synergy Enterprise that has the role in question assigned to them at that point.

By clicking this number, you will be shown an overview of all members to which this role has been linked. In this screen, it is also possible to assign this role to other employees or deleting a role from one or more of the users that have the role at that time by using the buttons ‘Assign’ or ‘Delete’.


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