Another number for a debtor?

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Some information in Exact Globe Next cannot be edited after creating it. This includes the journal number, general ledger account number, debtor number, etc. Via the recode function, you are now able to edit this information too. In the selection screens of this master data, you can recode the information using the button ‘Recode’. In some cases, you even have the option to merge information. For instance, you could merge accounts.

If an existing debtor has a wrong number, you can select this and then choose the recode button. The screen below will appear. Here, you can fill in the new value and click Start. The debtor will now have a new number.

Besides recoding, certain core information can also be merged. For instance, for debtors. Here you have an extra field ‘Merge’ while recoding. In this field, you can fill in the debtor that will need to be merged with.

The example from the image above means that debtor 2260090 will be merged with debtor 60090. The matters linked to these debtors will then all be linked to debtor 60090. Debtor 2260090 will no longer be present in the company after this action.

There is master data that you can merge as well as recode. Not all of this master data has an extra field. General ledger accounts can also be merged, there is no extra field but you can fill in an existing account number in the field ‘New value’. The two general ledger accounts will then be merged. Upon merging the master data, you may need to fulfil certain conditions. Merging general ledger accounts, for instance, is only possible if they are of the same type. If this is not the case, the field will turn red. If you hover the mouse over the red field, the reason will be stated.
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