Tip: Working with customised terms

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Globe

In some cases, the terms Exact Globe Next uses do not entirely suit your business. Instead of ‘Hours’, you could for instance prefer ‘Activities’. You have the option to customise these terms yourself. In the example below, we will show you how to edit these terms.

Assigning new terms
Firstly, you should find out the ID of the relevant term. Via menu [System, General, Customised terms] check the option ‘Show: Term ID’. If you then close and reopen Exact Globe Next, you will see that all menus and fields now have a number. This number is the ID of the relevant term.

In the menu [Project, Items, Hours], you will see that ‘Hours’ features the number 1723. This is shown in the image below.

The term ID of the term ‘Hours’ is 1723. Via [System, General, Customised terms], you can then search for the term 1723, after which you can open the term using the button ‘Open’. You can then enter the new description.

After saving the change, you can uncheck the option ‘Show: Term ID’ so that after restarting Exact Globe Next, the ID numbers will no longer be shown behind each description. The term ‘Hours’ has now been changed to ‘Activities’.

Temporarily deactivate?
If you wish to temporarily deactivate the custom terms, so the original terms will be shown again, you can realise this by checking the setting ‘Deactivate: Custom terms’ via [System, General, Customised terms] and then restarting the software. If you wish to delete the custom term permanently, select the term in the same menu, where you can delete the custom term by using the button ‘Delete’ after opening.


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