Tip: Creating a new request quickly

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Do you often use a request for the same employee or the same project? In order to save time and quickly create a new request, you can use the ‘copy’ function in the request. Using this, you can easily indicate which information you would like to copy to the new request. The steps below will explain how to do so.

Copying a request

1. Open an existing request and select the button Copy. In this example, an employee, document and project have been linked.

2. Then, select the request you would like to create. NB: if you select a request in which a field is not available, then it will not be possible to copy this from the old request. An example: if you copy a request with the field document. If, in the new request, you select a request that does not have the field document, you will not be able to copy the field.

3. Mark the information you would like to use in the new request. All information is selected by default.

4. Click New to create the request. The new request has now been completed with the information selected by you.


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