Tip: Block setting in layouts

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While printing invoices in Exact Globe Next, you can define the layout that is used. This layout can be organised entirely by you. You could include a company logo; you could indicate which fields you would like to print and where they should be printed. While maintaining the layouts, you can define the format for two pages. If an invoice should consist of more than one page, the format of the second page also applies to the third and fourth page and so on.

Depending on your wishes, you might want to print everything on each page, or for instance just on the last page. In the block settings in the layout, you can indicate this yourself.

In layout maintenance, select [Edit, Block settings] in the menu. In the field, make a selection on the block of which you would like to edit the settings. In this case, ‘Total’. Then, you can indicate whether you wish to show the block on the first page, all pages in between and/or the last page. If you select the option last page here, then this block will only be printed on the last page. If the invoice consists of one page, this will also be the last page and the block will thus also be printed on this page. If the invoice consists of two pages, then this will be printed on the second page and if the invoice consist of three pages, this block will be printed on the third page.

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