Tip: Always up to date on the request status

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The workflow functionality allows you to keep your work up to date in an insightful manner. It contains a task list that awaits an action from your customer. It could however also occur that you may want to keep tracking a request while this is no longer in your workflow. You could think of a task you delegated.

In order to stay up to date on requests outside of your workflow, you can use the notification functionality. With this, you can easily register for the notification status change. Once you have registered, a notification will automatically appear in your workflow to indicate that something changed in the request.

In order to register, click the button ‘ALT-Z Inform me of changes in this request’ in the request. A confirmation message will appear. Below, you will find an example of a request with the button.

If a change should occur in the request, a notification will appear in your workflow. You can view this notification by clicking it or delete it by clicking the cross. If you choose to delete the notification, in case of a following change, another notification will appear in your workflow.

NB: once you have registered, this cannot be undone.


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