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Why is that one field not available in my mailmerge template? If this question sounds familiar to you, we now have the solution. In product update 249, the new Word Merge functionality is introduced which makes sending a letter or e-mail even easier.

New functions
The new Word Merge offers various functions. A few examples are:

  • Quick and easy creation of a letter or e-mail.
  • Templates available based on roles and actions.
  • The user can save a copy of the sent e-mail in Exact Synergy Enterprise.
  • The merge functionality is performed on the server.
  • Templates can be created in Microsoft Word.

For more information about the new Word Merge functionality, you can also consult this blog.

Want to enjoy the Word Merge solution too?
Would you like to be the first to try this new functionality? We’re still looking for customers who want to participate in the Controlled Release of product update 249 of Exact Synergy Enterprise. The start of this Controlled release is planned for the end of May.

If you are interested in participating in this Controlled Release, please contact us via

Waarom is dat ene veld niet beschikbaar op mijn mailmerge template? Is dit voor u een bekende vraag, dan hebben we nu de oplossing. In product update 249 wordt de nieuwe Word Merge functionaliteit geïntroduceerd waarmee het verzenden van een brief of e-mail nog eenvoudiger is geworden.



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