Mistake, now what?

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If during an entry, a mistake has been made and the entry has, for instance, been entered two times, you can either delete the entry or make a correction entry. Another option is to void the entry.

Voiding an entry
Voiding an entry is not the same as deleting it. If you delete an entry, the entry will be deleted permanently from the company. If you void an entry, the entry will be given another status and will thus not come appear on ledger cards, balance overviews and profit and loss overview. However, the entry will still be present in your company and you can always check what had been entered.

Voiding an entry can be done, for instance, via the selection screen for entering an entry. In the selection screen, you will zoom in on the relevant journal. Then, you select the entry you wish to void and using the button ‘Void entries’, you can void the entry. While doing so, you are required to state a reason. Using that same selection screen, it is possible to view the void entry.

At the top of the selection screen, only check the option ‘Void’. If you then refresh the screen, only the void entries will be shown. Using the button ‘Open’, you can open the void entries to see what had been entered.

Delete permanently
If you often void entries, a lot void entries could be present in your company. If you do not need these entries in your company any longer, you could decide to delete these void entries after all. While deleting the void entries, these will be deleted from the company permanently. You will no longer be able to consult them. Via the selection screen for entries, just check the option ‘void’ to show only the void entries. You can then use the button ‘Delete’ to delete the void entries from your company.


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