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You can use the status field to indicate what the status of an account is at a certain time. For instance, if you have an especially good customer, you can assign the status ‘Reference’ to it. This will be indicated by the system if you perform any acts for this account. It is however also possible to make an account inactive.

What is (not) possible for inactive accounts?
It is not possible to enter a purchase order for an inactive account. Entering a purchase entry, bank entry, sales order or invoice is possible. The invoice and sales order, however, cannot be processed, unless you state another debtor as invoice debtor in the invoice or sales order. A warning notification will appear stating that the account is inactive, but you can proceed with the entry. Also, it is possible to register a receipt for an account that is inactive.

How do I make an account inactive?
If you make an account inactive, this is registered in the company as an activity. In the general settings, you can indicate under ‘Request: Inactive’ which activity you wish to use. In this activity, you could for instance fill in the reason why the account is rendered inactive. The created activity can be found on the account card under the tab ‘Activity’ and on the entry screen of the activities.

To change an account to the status inactive, follow the steps below:

  • Go to [System, General, CRM, Activity types], you can enter a new activity type here.
  • Go to [System, General, Settings, General settings] and fill in the field “Request inactive” with the activity you just created.
  • Then, you can open the debtor via [Finance, Accounts receivable, Maintain] and click on the red icon with a cross (next to the status) to make the debtor inactive. The system will create an activity for this.
  • If you are not working with the module E-CRM, you can change the status of the account to Non-Active in the field ‘Status’.

How can I make an inactive account active again?
In order to undo the inactivation of an account, you need to delete the created activity. If you are not working with E-CRM, you can change the status of the account via the field ‘Status’.


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