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Would you like to determine the colour of your Exact Synergy Enterprise environment? Do you want to determine your own order of the buttons in the toolbar? Or would you perhaps like to hear a sound notification when you receive a new request in the workflow? This and many other settings can be defined via Preferences.

On the top right of the screen, you will find the Preferences link. If you click this, the Preferences screen will appear including various tabs. Via the tabs, you can define specific settings for said subject. For instance, you could indicate under the tab Workflow that an alarm should appear for every new request in the workflow.

Menu tab
In the menu tab, you can indicate what the screen layout should be. You could choose certain modules or buttons in the toolbar. The image below shows the corresponding menu by using numbers. For instance, if you would wish to turn on the module Suppliers (1), click this on the left, and then click the arrow to the right to make the module visible. If necessary, you could adjust the order by using the buttons Up and Down. The module will now appear on the top right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I adjust certain settings under ‘Preferences’?
    If certain settings cannot be changed, these settings have been set to ‘Mandatory’ under the tab ‘Corporate (settings)’. Only users with the Administrator role can approach this tab and make certain settings obligatory. Once settings have been set as obligatory on company level, users cannot change them anymore.
  • Why are my preference settings for Office Integration not applied?
    You can choose to define settings for the Office Integration under ‘Preferences’. It is possible to define the document types for, for instance, incoming and outgoing e-mails. Once this is set (or changed), this does not immediately work in Microsoft Outlook. In order to perform changes, you can choose the Synergy Office Integration tab within Microsoft Outlook. Click ‘More’ and then ‘Actualise’. After selecting this, the notification ‘User settings edited!” will appear and the changes will have been carried out.

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