Tip: Making an invoice copy recognisable

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While printing an invoice copy, it is often desired that it is obvious it is an invoice copy. Within Exact Globe Next, you have the option to add a text field to an invoice layout. This field will only be printed if you have set invoice copies with a debtor.

You can add a Text field (block: Invoice copy block) with the desired text. Original invoices will then be printed without this ‘copy’ text and the invoice copies will include this text.

How can I set this up?
Open the relevant layout via [System, General, Settings, Document settings]. Choose the magnifying glass next to the field ‘Invoice’ and choose ‘Edit’.

  • Right-click the layout and select [Insert, Text field].

  • Select invoice copy block and provide a description that should be shown on the test invoice. For example, the description “COPY”. Select ‘OK’.


You can set the amount of copies per debtor via [Finance – Accounts receivable – Maintain] – tab Financial. This description will only be printed if an invoice copy is printed.


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