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Through the Exact Customer Portal, you have the option to ask questions to the various employees of our support department. Recently, various new functions have been made available to help you in finding the right answer to your question:

A quick answer
In order to answer your question faster, as you type your question, we immediately present you with the most frequent answers. Is the answer to your question in here? Then you don’t need to submit your question and you can continue directly. Do you prefer to submit your question to a Customer Support Professional after all? Then you can submit it with one click of a button.

A question can be submitted by logging in via the Customer Portal. You will then find the button ‘Contact, submit question’ on the right-hand side. You can click Support question here. If you click this, the following screen will appear:

  1. Here, you will find your information, this has already been filled in for you.
  2. In this section, you can formulate your question. Furthermore, you can indicate to which product this applies and what the subject is.
  3. If you start typing in the field ‘My question’, possible solutions will be provided. You can click these directly.
  4. Is your question not listed on the right-hand side, then you can further explain your question here.
  5. To ask your question, click Submit.

This document will provide you with more information about the various fields and submitting questions.


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