Tip: Working with tabs in requests

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Within a request, it is possible to sort fields into various sections. To make sure this remains insightful, it is possible to represent the sections as tabs in the request from product update 247 onwards. For this, the setting ‘Show sections as tabs’ is available.

This setting can be turned on in the request type maintenance. You can approach this via Workflow/Setup/Requests/Request types. Then, under the tab Fields, you will find the setting (Show sections as tabs) to work with tabs. Click the section to open it. Click Label and fill in a text. In this example, we have filled in ‘General information’.

After the request definition has been saved, the request with the new view can be created. The request will now look as follows:

A new tab will be shown for each section. 



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