Do you have all addresses close by?

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Santa Clause is coming to town… The time of Christmas cards has arrived. You would probably like to send your business accounts a Christmas card or promotional gift. With Exact Globe Next, you can easily find the right address.

In order to create a list of addresses of your debtor or creditors, proceed to the menu [Finance, Accounts receivable, Labels] or go to [Finance, Accounts payable, Labels]. In the screen that now appears, you can complete the various criteria. After you have made your choice, click Display or Print. By selecting Display, you have the option to adjust the information and export to Microsoft Excel is so desired. If you select Display than the following screen will appear:

In this screen, you have various options. Based on the numbers, we will explain them to you.

1. If you right-click in the header, you can delete or add a column.

2. By adding or deleting a column, you can immediately determine which data is visible. NB: If you make use of a free field on the debtor or creditor card to indicate whether this account should receive a Christmas card, then it’s also possible to select that column here. This way, you can quickly filter the right addresses.

3. By selecting the button Export you can export the selected line(s) to Microsoft Excel. This could come in useful if you would like to make a specific selection.

4. If you have made a selection, you can select Print. The labels will now be printed according to the layout of the label layout*.


*In case you wish to change the content of the labels, you can do so via the button Settings and by choosing Document settings. In the section Financial, you will find the debtor labels and creditor labels. Click the magnifying glass and then Edit to implement any changes. See the image below for the document settings screen.

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