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These days, most people really don’t leave their homes without their mobile phones. Now, we can do so much more with a phone than just having a conversation, that’s why the phone can be widely used as well. For instance, for Mobile Synergy!

Mobile Synergy is a platform that gives you access to important information in Exact Synergy Enterprise via the application on your mobile phone. It is designed to work on all modern smartphones with an internet browser, made after Q4 of 2008. With your mobile phone, you continuously have the option to view your workflow, contact person or sales opportunities.

Mobile Synergy brings you a lot of comfort. Requests and sales opportunities are easy to consult. You can view directly on your phone, which activities have already been completed or are still being processed. And you have information on all your accounts within arm’s reach. From this information, by simply clicking, you can make a phone call or send an e-mail. Or, if you’re on your way to an account, you simply click through to the GPS.

What do I need?

You can start with Mobile Synergy if you have Product Update 243 (or higher) of Exact Synergy Enterprise installed. In order to start Mobile Synergy, you only need to take your phone and enter the following address in the browser http://<server name>/<name_of_the_virtual_directory>/mobile/default.aspx. For example, http://mycompany/mobile/default.aspx.

New functions
From product update 246 onwards, various new functions are available for Mobile Synergy. Since then, it is possible to, for instance, do the following:

  • Make appointments
  • View sales opportunity related requests and documents
  • Create notes
  • View information about employees
  • View calendar and appointments

More information on the changes and new functions for Mobile Synergy in product update 246 can be found here.


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