Tip: Opening the right company immediately

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Globe

While starting up Exact Globe Next, a screen appears in which you can select the company. It is also possible to skip this screen and immediately open a certain company. In order to realise this, you should create a new shortcut.

First, right-click your desktop and choose [New, Shortcut]. Then, select the file ‘E4shell.exe’ that can be found in the BIN folder of your Exact installation. The shortcut has now been created. Then, you can right-click the link and select ‘Properties’. Under the tab ‘Shortcut’, you will see the path to e4shell.exe under ‘Target’. This target should be changed with several parameters to directly open a certain administration. The following parameters are available:

-r Name of the SQL Server
-D Number of the company
-u Can be left empty, this means Windows access check
-~ Serves as conclusion of starting parameters

The parameters are case-sensitive. For instance, if you wish to open company 001 on the SQL Server ‘MySQLServer’, fill in the following line under ‘Target’:

“C:\Program Files\Exact Software\BIN\e4shell.exe” -T0 -rMySQLServer -D001 -u -~

If you then start Exact Globe Next via the new shortcut, the relevant company will open immediately.

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