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Maybe you have made similar requests for various people. You can of course do this by making use of a single request, but you can also do this by choosing multiple requests. By working with multiple requests, you can save a lot of time because you only need to enter the information once.


In order to illustrate this, we will use the following example.

You would like to send five requests. These five requests will be sent to different people to request people to read through a document before starting a course. You wish to attach the document to the request but every employee needs to read a different document. In this example, you can create a multiple request for which you use the same description but with different employee and document fields. At the time that you submit the multiple request, Exact Synergy will create five requests and send them to the various employees. All information is the same except for the attached document.

Where do I start?

In order to create a multiple request, follow the steps below:

  • Click Create > Request in the menu on the left
  • Behind the request, select which ones you want to use for Multiple. In this example, we will choose Checked Task.

  • Subsequently, you can indicate which columns you would like to use. These are the fields in which you can enter information that needs to be different. In this example, we will choose to select the columns Person and Document. You can also indicate in this field how many rows should be created. In this example, this will be the amount of employees for which you would like to place the request in the workflow.

  • You can now select New. The request will be created and at the bottom of the request, you will now see the extra rows. Here, you will find the columns Person and Document (see image below). Here, you can then fill in the different employees and documents.

  • If all fields have been completed, click Create. At that moment, five requests will have been created.


*The option Multiple may not be available for a request. You can indicate in the request definition whether a request can make use of this function.

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