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Do you know exactly what each functionality within your package is for? Are you completely up-to-date on all new functions? Of course, you could always consult the help documentation to obtain more information on a specific function or functionality. However, it is now also possible to view this in our new Video Library!

Video Library
You can find the Video Library via http://video.exact.com/. Here, you will find a variety of videos that are aimed at Exact Globe Next, Exact Online and Exact Synergy Enterprise. These videos will provide you with a good example of new functions and additionally contain a lot of tips and tricks.

Within the Video Library, you will make a choice for the product you are using, and then choose a category. Within a category, you will find videos in Dutch and English. Of course, we will keep completing the Library on a regular basis. Check the page regularly to stay up-to-date.

Sharing with colleagues
The videos are available for everyone. If you see an interesting subject, you can share it with your colleagues or friends via various social media, like Twitter or Facebook.



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