Tip: An Extra charge in the production process

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It could be advisable to incorporate an extra charge for certain costs in the production process. For instance, you could choose to increase the standard costs for an item that costs € 100,- to produce by 10% and thus charge € 110,- for total production costs.

You can arrange this by creating an extra charge. Extra charges can be created via the button ‘New’ in menu [Manufacturing, Setup, Extra charges]. You can then enter the desired percentage of extra charge under the tab ‘Extra’ in the field ‘Percentage1’.

After creating the extra charge, this can be incorporated into the BOM of the final product, this will then be incorporated into the calculation of expenses. You can link an extra charge by opening the BOM via [Manufacturing, Setup, BOM] or from the item maintenance (tab ‘Manufacturing’). Subsequently, the extra charge item can be added to the tab ‘Extra charges’.


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