Sending an invoice by e-mail

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After you have entered and (depending on your settings) authorised the invoices, you can send them to your customers. You can print the invoices and send them on paper, but you can also send them by e-mail. To send the invoices by e-mail, you can follow the steps below:

  • First determine how you would like to send the invoice to your customer from now on. Would you like to do so in HTML-format, or as a PDF document? You can indicate your choice by going to document settings via [System, General, Settings, Document settings]. Under ‘Store attachment as’, select HTML or PDF.
  • Then proceed to menu [System, General, User settings]. On the tab ‘Output’, select the option ‘Outlook’.
  • Go the menu [Invoice, Entries, Print/Process] or to [Invoice, Reports, Invoice history]. Select the invoice and choose ‘Print’.

In the field ‘Output’, you can indicate whether the export needs to be printed out or sent by e-mail. The option e-mail is only available if you are printing a final invoice.

NB: for the e-mail choice, the invoices are also printed out if you have checked the option ‘print layout during Email/E-Invoice’ in the invoice settings. The e-mail address defined in the debtor maintenance is used as default. However, you can change the e-mail address under the ‘e-mail’ tab in the screen ‘print invoices’.

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