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Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the possibility to create mail merge layouts. These layouts allow you to send e-mails, for instance, to an account from a request. In this e-mail, you could have the fields (words) automatically completed. It is, for instance, possible to auto-complete the name of the contact person or the address of the account in the e-mail.

How can I use this? 

It is important that a merge layout has been created. You can create this via the menu Documents\Setup\layouts\mail merge, click New. You can then create the document and complete it with so-called Baco-fields. These are the fields that use information from a request or document.

In order to see which fields are available, you can click Help while creating your document. Now a document will appear with all available fields per module.

The button Help that you can use to view the document with Baco-fields. 

As soon as you have the layout ready, you can save it. Subsequently, you open a request and click on the mail merge button* to start the function. Fill in the document number of your created layout and you can send the e-mail.

Button Mail merge in a request.

*Please make sure that the request definition indicates that the mail merge functionality can be used. You can set this up via the menu Workflow\Setup\Requests\Request types. Open a request type and check the field Mail merge in the section entry.


For example, if you would like to make a letter, then it’s important that the name and address of the customer is used. To achieve this, please use the following Baco-fields:

attn. [Baco_CRM ContactPerson.Title.Description] [BACO_CRM ContactPerson.Initials]
[BACO_CRM ContactPerson.MiddleName] [Baco_CRM CONTACTPERSON.NAME]
[Baco_CRM Company.Address1]
[Baco_CRM Company.Postcode]

The address will now be shown as follows:

VIA Trainingen
attn. Mr Jan de Bruin
Paardenklaver 5
9713 GZ Groningen


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